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Our Story

A wise man once said „the high road is hard to find“. We all are on a journey called life and we all have to try and find out who we are. We had a beautiful life as jazz musicians, fusing different cultural sounds together leaving our footprint all around the world. But we all have that moment you realize, that you are not fed up yet, that burning desire inside your stomach, inside your heart. Our journey has not yet ended, like a bridge we want to cross the line and combine our experiences with modern indie pop music. Emotions are the centre of our very feelings and we could not master our everyday life without them. Every tear, every smile is worth telling the storie behind it and we want to express honest feelings. „The Bow“ will strike you like an arrow with a powerful vocal performance and some catchy melodies, where the guitar will be omnipresent.

The Bow - 21.02.2020


The year 2020

We will be releasing singles in the next few months.

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